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HEAL Cities & Towns Campaign at CML Conference

Myra Keeble - Wednesday, 2 July 2014 10:25

Colorado Municipal LeagueLast week, Klein Buendel staff attended the Colorado Municipal League’s 92nd annual conference in Breckenridge, Colorado. Highlights included a session titled, “Healthy Collaboration – Partner with Others to Increase Access to Healthy Living.”  This session featured success stories from Bennett and Cortez, Colorado, two of the state’s HEAL communities.


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New Tools for Community Health Engagement

Myra Keeble - Friday, 13 June 2014 10:21

Is the era of colored markers, flip charts, and play money coming to an end for community engagement?


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Musings on Groundhog Day and E-cigarettes

Myra Keeble - Tuesday, 11 February 2014 07:22

Another Marlboro Man died last month. Eric Lawson, the actor who played the Marlboro Man in cigarette ads in the late 1970s, died from respiratory failure caused by chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. According to the Associated Press, he is at least the third former Marlboro Man actor to die of a smoking-related illness. Lawson began smoking at age 14. In his later years he became a spokesman for anti-tobacco efforts.


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KB’s Real Health Debuts at Health Conference

Myra Keeble - Tuesday, 1 October 2013 05:12


“What’s Klein Boon dell.”

Or “Klein Bwendle?”

Or sometimes we heard just, “Klein What?”

Our name is definitely tricky. And we heard it pronounced in some fairly creative ways by some of the 540 public health professionals at last month’s Public Health in the Rockies Conference in Breckenridge, Colo., sponsored by the Colorado Public Health Association, Colorado Society for Public Health Education, and the Public Health Nurses Association of Colorado.


Conferences After the ‘Muffin Memo’

Myra Keeble - Tuesday, 16 July 2013 10:36

I just returned from the National Institutes of Health Regional Seminar for Program Funding and Grants Administration. This popular seminar, led by NIH and Health and Human Services experts, is intended to provide a nuts and bolts overview of research administration and compliance topics for extramural research administrators, students and investigators at all levels.  Although the program is geared towards university administrators, the topics are equally salient to a small business research organization such as Klein Buendel.


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