Klein Buendel Talks High-tech at SBM

Klein Buendel - Thursday, 21 March 2013 05:33

This morning at the Society of Behavioral Medicine’s 34th annual meeting a mobile phone app and web-based game developed by Klein Buendel were shown at separate sessions. Dr. David Buller talked about Solar Cell, a mobile smartphone application that provides sun protection advice. A collaborative project with several partners Klein Buendel, Inc. programmers developed the app under a contract with the National Cancer Institute. During the presentation today, Dr. Buller discussed the process of user-centered design, using focus groups and useability testing to help shape the app structure, format, and content. Session attendees were especially interested in details about conducting useability tests. The first question, however, was “Where can we find the app?”

Although Solar Cell is not yet commercially available, conference attendees are able to see a demonstration of the app at Klein Buendel’s booth in the exhibit hall, where we also have a UV damage camera which shows hidden damage from the sun on a person’s face.

Alan Delamater speaks at SBM

Alan Delamater speaks at SBM

This afternoon Dr. Allan Delamater spoke to a standing room only crowd. Session attendees were there to learn more about mobile and web-based games for behavior change in children’s health.

Dr. Delamater spoke about FITastic health, a web-based program for pediatricians to use  with overweight patients and their families to help them develop healthy dietary and physical activity habits. Dr. Delamater, a partner of Klein Buendel, focused specifically on the game elements in the program, which were developed by Klein Buendel,s multimedia team. FITastic Health’s games can also be seen at Klein Buendel’s booth.

Follow Klein Buendel’s activities at the SBM conference @KleinBuendel. The SBM hashtag is #sbm2013.

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