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Our award-winning multimedia and graphic design team uses cutting-edge technology to develop effective, sustainable health communication and behavioral research tools. We also have an experienced, cross-disciplinary research team with in-depth knowledge about numerous health issues including cancer prevention, tobacco cessation, sun safety, nutrition, phyical activity, mental health, and media literacy. They routinely partner with research institutions, government agencies, and health organizations to develop long-term, sustainable programs that change behavior. We also have a strong record of successful commercialization of innovative programs and products.

Dissemination and outreach are often the specific aims of our research projects. We strive to not simply build evidence-based products but to get these programs and research findings into the hands of the people who need them most. In addition to our internal public relations, marketing, and multimedia expertise, we work with marketing firms, such as Wedge Communications LLC, in our efforts to license and commercialize our technology programs and to reach our target markets. We also provide technology and health communication expertise to outside entities. That expertise includes technology transfer, copyrights, and international consortia collaborations.

Commercially Available
Late-stage development
Early-stage development

Commercially Available

Picture 1Way to Serve

WayToServe© is a media-rich online program to train servers of alcoholic beverages in state-required responsible beverage server skills.

Currently approved by and in use in the state of New Mexico, versions for several other states are underway or are in the process of being approved. A version for off-premise sales is also being developed.


  • Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation
  • Wedge Communications LLC


GrowEatThrive LogoGrow Eat Thrive

Grow, Eat, Thrive  is an evidence-based, simple-to-use, hands-on curriculum that partners nutrition, gardening and physical activity to teach K-5 children about the benefits of fruits, vegetables, and daily exercise.

The curriculum is being sold to schools and community gardening organizations throughout the United States.


  • Colorado State University Cooperative Extension
  • Produce for Better Health Foundation
  • Slow Food Denver

Live Fit on Campus

Live Fit on Campus is a dynamic, web-based, multimedia program that teaches college freshmen how to include healthy options into their daily routines and develop lifelong healthy habits. The program includes campus specific resources as well as location-independent skills.

Customized versions of Live Fit on Campus are currently in use by three universities and can be easily adapted for use by any school.


  • University of California, San Diego
  • University of Nevada, Reno
  • Colorado State University
  • University of Colorado, Boulder

Sunny Days, Healthy Ways K-8 Written Curricula and Interactive Programs

Sunny Days, Healthy Ways (SDHW) is a series of elementary and middle school sun safety curricula that use a comprehensive, interdisciplinary approach to teach skin cancer prevention skills to children in grades K-5, and 6-8. A companion program to the elementary curriculum includes interactive computer games. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the American Cancer Society acknowledge SDHW as a national resource for complying with their recommendations for how schools can help prevent skin cancer.

Numerous school districts throughout the United States have purchased and continue to use the curricula. The program is sold through direct marketing, online sales and catalog orders. Combined, the curricula and interactive programs have sold over 10,000 copies.


  • Arizona Disease Control Commission
  • The Cooper Institute

Sun Safe States

The purpose of the Sun Safe States web program is to provide a state’s health department or cancer coalition with one location for comprehensive sun protection information that is accurate, current, state-specific and easy to understand. Sun Safe States provides families, schools, and employers with 24-hour access to strategies for sun protection as well as guidelines for how to build and implement their own sun protection policy.

Adopted by two states, Sun Safe States can be customized for the unique needs of any state.

Real E Quit Mobile

Real e Quit Mobile is a mobile phone-based support program to help smokers who want to quit. Klein Buendel is currently a technology vendor to The BACCHUS Network for the development of a new version of Real e Quit Mobile, which is in late-stage development for launch in Spring 2013.

Real e Quit is being commercialized as ColoradoQuitMobile.org by Wedge Communications LLC for the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.


  • Colorado State University
  • The BACCHUS Network
  • Cancer Council of Victoria (Australia)
  • QuestMetrics Pty Limited
  • Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment

Late-stage Development

The Cancer Play

Through a theatrical production titled The Cancer Play, this project is being developed and evaluated to help cancer patients, family members, and medical professionals communicate more effectively about the challenges of cancer.


  • San Diego State University


MomZing, is an exercise program for new mothers who are looking to increase their physical activity after giving birth. Currently being evaluated, this Internet-enabled television program allows mothers to create workouts which can be conducted with or without their babies. The workouts can be customized based on time, size of baby, and type of exercise.


  • University of Hawaii

SASlide2Real Health Stock Art

The Real Health Stock Art Program is a commercial stock art service for health communicators. It features images of under-represented populations, who are disproportionately afflicted by health disparities compared to the general population, yet are not reflected in the photographs available in general market stock art services. The Real Health collection of photographs depict diverse people, activities, health behaviors, and health conditions.

solarcellSolar Cell

Solar Cell is a mobile smart phone application, developed under a contract with National Cancer Institute. The program combines personal and behavior data with geo-spatial data (i.e., UV Index forecast, time, and location) to deliver actionable sun protection advice to reduce risk of skin cancer. Versions of the application are currently being produced for Android and iPhone platforms and will be available for purchase beginning in Summer 2013.


  • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
  • Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences, University of Colorado at Boulder
  • University of New Mexico



FITastic Health!

This project will fully develop, test, and evaluate a web-based program for pediatricians to use with their overweight patients and family members as part of routine primary care. The program will include video components and interactive games that develop healthy dietary and physical activity habits. The program will be accessed by both children and parents generating reports on usage, self-reported health behaviors, and weight changes to be sent electronically to the referring pediatricians.


  • University of Miami
  • Oregon Research Institute

Early-stage Development

 Bystander Safety

This feasibility study explores developing a web-based bystander program for college students to provide them with the skills needed to overcome intervention-related anxiety, identify when intervention is appropriate, and to view themselves as helpers rather than bystanders in a variety of situations.


  • University of Colorado, Boulder
  • University of New Mexico








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