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Latina Health and Health Disparities

Klein Buendel - Wednesday, 9 September 2015 08:24

Latinas are a growing and influential segment of the population, yet health disparities for this group remain high. Hispanic women are more likely than their non-Hispanic white counterparts to be overweight, diagnosed with diabetes, and physically inactive.


An Invitation for International Collaboration Regarding Skin Cancer, UV Radiation, and Sun Protection

Dr. Barbara Walkosz - Monday, 5 November 2012 02:31

The incidence of skin cancer is growing worldwide and new data shows marked increases in South America.  In fact, in Chile, outdoor workers are required to be informed of dangers of ultra-violet radiation and be provided with sun protection resources.  With this information as background, Dr. Michael Scott presented research on the Go Sun Smart Program (GSS) at the Trends in International and Latin American Communication Research Conference in Santiago, Chile, October 18-20, 2012.


Four Language Experts Share Tips to Avoid Embarrassing Translation Blunders

Klein Buendel - Monday, 22 October 2012 09:02

Public health administrators and educators are increasingly reaching out to different populations to address health disparities. In some cases, this means preparing and disseminating communication materials in a language other than English.


Healthy Food Campaign Planned? Follow These 11 Tips for a Successful Food Photo Shoot

Klein Buendel - Monday, 15 October 2012 08:33

If you work in public health and focus on nutrition and fitness, chances are you may need photographic work that features food. Food photography done poorly can transform a delicious meal into something that looks downright unappetizing. So we have asked one of our skilled photographers who has experience with food photography, Lyndsay Fluharty, to provide some basic tips.


American Journal of Health Promotion Publishes Article Authored by KB Researchers

Lisa Forster - Wednesday, 3 October 2012 09:34

The July/August 2012 issue of American Journal of Health Promotion has published, “Enhancing Industry-Based Dissemination of an Occupational Sun Protection Program With Theory-Based Strategies Employing Personal Contact,” an article co-authored by Klein Buendel, Inc. researchers Dr. David B. Buller, Dr. Barbara J. Walkosz,  and Ms. Ilima Kane along with Dr. Peter Andersen,  Dr. Michael D. Scott, Dr. Gary R. Cutter, Dr. Mark B. Dignan, and Dr. Xiao Zhang. The manuscript examines the effectiveness of two dissemination strategies used to distribute an occupational sun protection program called Go Sun Smart to employees and guests of the North American ski industry.