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Improving the Prevention and Management of Obesity with Photos

Klein Buendel - Monday, 2 November 2015 08:02

November 2-6 is ObesityWeek 2015. Obesity Week is an international annual conference held by The Obesity Society and the American Society for Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery which focuses on the prevention of obesity through clinical, scientific and surgical intervention.


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KB Celebrates Dr. Myers’ One-Year Anniversary

Dr. Valerie Myers - Wednesday, 23 October 2013 07:27

One year ago, Dr. Valerie Myers, a nationally recognized scientist specializing in the behavioral factors affecting obesity, weight loss and maintenance, joined the Klein Buendel, Inc. team.  A licensed psychologist, Dr. Myers previously served as an instructor and behavioral consultant at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Baton Rouge, La. and as a clinical faculty instructor in the Department of Psychology at Louisiana State University School of Medicine in New Orleans.


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Tips to Help Doctors Motivate Patient Weight Loss

Klein Buendel - Thursday, 9 May 2013 08:45

Klein Buendel, Inc. scientist Dr. Valerie H. Myers recently attended the 29th annual Sports, Cardiovascular, Wellness Nutrition (SCAN) symposium in Chicago. Nationally recognized for her work in obesity, Dr. Myers gave a presentation at the conference on motivational approaches to weight loss. She talked with us about how motivational strategies work and why fat shaming is counterproductive.


Menu Labeling and Obesity

Sophia Strickfaden - Friday, 19 April 2013 11:30

Imagine if a restaurant’s menu told you how long you would have to exercise to burn off the calories of each item you eat. Would you choose meals with fewer calories? That was a question explored in a recent study.


Overcome Obesity Study Recruitment Barriers

Sophia Strickfaden - Thursday, 14 March 2013 09:31

If parents do not recognize that their children are overweight or obese, how does a researcher effectively recruit participants for weight management studies? This is a question we put to Klein Buendel, Inc.’s expert in overweight and obesity research.