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CO Quit Mobile: Learning More About Young Adults and Tobacco Cessation

Tad Spencer - Friday, 28 August 2015 07:13

Are young adults interested in quitting smoking? If so, why are they not calling quit lines in large numbers? Are there other options that are more effective?


Research Roundup: Tobacco

Miranda Reilly - Thursday, 1 May 2014 01:50

With the advent of new technologies, new products, and new communication tools, the world of tobacco is changing – and so are the interventions fighting to stop its use. April’s Research Roundup is a collection of the interesting smoking cessation articles that appeared this past month.


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Anti-smoking Campaigns Have Long History

Miranda Reilly - Monday, 16 December 2013 11:45

In March 2012, the Centers for Disease Control launched Tips From Former Smokers to raise awareness about smoking’s negative health effects. The campaign featured real people talking about how they live with the long-term health problems caused by smoking.  Analyses by the CDC and others found that the campaign more than doubled the volume of quit line calls and more people tried to quit smoking. Although Tips was the first national federally funded tobacco education campaign, there have been anti-smoking campaigns for more than 150 years.


Teens Offer Value in Health Interventions

Klein Buendel - Thursday, 31 October 2013 09:13

Many adults are involved in educating the public about the health dangers of tobacco. However, not everyone knows that teens are also a powerful force in awareness campaigns that discourage young people from smoking. Klein Buendel, Inc. Business Development Director Myra Keeble recently met with Breathe Easy Team members to talk about how teens can educate the public about tobacco prevention.


A Cruise Convinces One Couple to Quit Smoking

Lisa Forster - Tuesday, 23 July 2013 10:36

Four years ago, Chris Jakan and his wife came up with a smoking cessation plan. He felt more motivated than ever: He had a hacking cough that wouldn’t go away, he was getting older, and he and his wife were spending more than $1,800 a year on cigarettes. They had talked about taking a cruise to Hawaii but couldn’t justify the expense. Their cessation plan? Quit and put the money they spent on cigarettes toward their dream vacation.